Sedation Dentistry In Lakewood and Steilacoom, WA

Sedation dentistry is a solution for patients who have fears and anxieties associated with any and all aspects of dental treatment. It gives patients the ability to relax during treatment, with the additional benefits of:

  • Having little to no memory of the appointment
  • Experiencing pain-free dentistry
  • Elimination of the gag reflex
  • Helping those who cannot get numb with topical dental anesthetics
  • Allowing medically compromised individuals or people with chronic pain syndromes receive the dental care they need

Here at Quality Dentistry, we focus on clear and open communication between patients and our team to allow for a better understanding of what sedation options may work better for each individual.

Twenty-two percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist due to fear and anxiety. Putting off dental visits can lead to tooth loss, infections, abscesses or even oral cancer. Dr. McDade and Dr. Miller want everyone to receive the high-quality dental care they need.

At Quality Dentistry we want to provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxed visit.  

Dr. Miller is certified in IV sedation delivery, BLS, ACLS and participates in yearly continuing education in pediatric and moderate sedation techniques. Dr. Miller has performed hundreds of IV sedation cases in the Greater Seattle area since 2014.  He recieved his initial IV training at the UWSOD in 2013 while taking 60+ hours of Post-Doctorate coursework with the Residents at UWMC and Harborview Medical Center.  He has furthered his training with high quality CE through the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology and the Academey of Dental and Medical Anesthesia.

Types of Sedation

Anxiolysis – We offer mild sedation to help our patients with small amounts of dental angst or who may need help staying relaxed during longer appointments. We provide this type of sedation in the form of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or a small pill taken one hour before your dental appointment.

Conscious Sedation – Moderate sedation is used for patients who have high dental anxiety or fear, extreme gag reflex, need surgical intervention, or for long appointments. Many times sedation can be beneficial for patients with health concerns that are exacerbated by stressful situations. Conscious sedation is akin to IV sedation in the amount of sedation achieved, though it is done with medications and nitrous gas, not the use of needles. Moderate sedation requires the patient to be accompanied by a family member or friend, as driving after the appointment may be unsafe.

IV Sedation - IV sedation (Intravenous sedation) also known as "sleep dentistry" refers to the administration of an anti-anxiety drug through the blood during your dental treatment. IV sedation is an excellent option if you are apprehensive of the dentist, dental procedures, or are undergoing an oral surgery procedure. Our doctors may recommend this form of sedation if you are undergoing such procedures as complex root canals, implant placement, extractions, or are undergoing multiple dental procedures at one time. 

The effects of sedatives administered through the bloodstream are achieved in a shorter amount of time than with other forms of sedation. During a dental procedure with IV sedation patients often have little or no recollections of what happened during the procedure. IV sedation allows the ability to perform multiple procedures in one visit. For our patients who need extensive dental care they can receive treatments in fewer appointments. Reducing the fear and anxiety during dental visits and reducing the overall dental care costs for the patient. 

Regardless of what type of sedation you choose, you can rest assured that you’re receiving care from doctors who have made providing pain-free dentistry a priority. 

If you’ve been putting off needed dental treatment because of a fear of the dentist, consider sedation dentistry at Quality Dental. Schedule an appointment at our Steilacoom or Lakewood dental offices to learn about your sedation options and make a plan to achieve the level of oral health you deserve. 


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