Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Tooth

March 29th, 2016

Dentistry has come a long way and the dentists at Quality Dentistry always strive to save your natural teeth rather than extract them.  Using the most effective anesthetics and precision endodontic instruments, we will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth.

A root canal is needed when decay extends all the way into the pulp chamber of your tooth, exposing the living tissue of your tooth to bacteria and food particles.  When this happens it can lead to infection deep within the tooth.  The infection can cause severe pain, an abscess in the gums and even widespread bodily infection if not treated. To alleviate the pain and infection we will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth and remove the infected tissue.  We offer sedation dentistry for those who are seeking a more relaxing dental experience.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, visit us as soon as possible so we can perform this tooth saving treatment. Contact Quality Dentistry today!

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